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Contact us to discuss. We will welcome you by appointment around our productions and your project will quickly become a reality!


IPA Double Dry Hop with a good roundness, a bitterness present but not overwhelming (70IBU) and still light and dry enough to allow the hops to be powerfully expressed.


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Boyard / The Boyard Brewery

The Boyard Brewery, created in 2020 in Ciney, was born from the meeting between a passionate student and an experienced chef.
This micro-brewery came into the world by the desire to learn, to share and especially to spend good times with friends. Today this beer is brewed at the Belgian Brewery

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The Chassante / The belgian brewery

The chassante 8.5%, Triple

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Voie des Morts / The belgian brewery

La voie des morts (The Way of the Deads) is the name of the street that goes up from Mortroux to Mauhin.

According to historical writings, the name of the street comes from the end of the 18th century (+/- 1780) when a plague epidemic ravaged the village. It seems that the bodies of the victims were buried in the ditch by covering them with lime... Not necessarily cheerful, but it's part of the local story.

In this street, Frédéric Dobblestein, our passionate Master Brewer, has been walking or cycling every day for 18 years. It must be said that it climbs quite hard with its 9% gradient. It is therefore also for this reason that our passionate producer has brewed a beer that has a 9° alcohol content.

Gold medal and favorite at Brasseart beer festival 2022

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Wallifornia / Brewery Labo 28

Since 2020, what started as a hobby has become a real activity, motivated by a double objective: to develop bold recipes and to (re)discover Belgian, English and American brewing traditions.

Our recipes are entirely elaborated in a traditional way in our lab, at 28 rue Hullos (4000 Liège). We favor raw materials of local origin and we work with craftsmen from Liège, respectful of craftsmanship.

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ISOSL LA PERI 50 ans / The belgian brewery

A beer brewed with knowledge and love to celebrate 50 years of knowledge and love of caring at the Hôpital du Pèrî.
Thank you all for your skills, your kindness and the humanity you show on a daily basis!

The skilful combination of several malts gives this beer brewed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Pèrî Hospital a golden color. Its moderate alcohol content and slightly hopped taste are enhanced with a subtle touch of pear.

Health !
Craft beer unfiltered and refermented in the bottle.


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An old legend tells that on the plateaus of Valhalla were born 3 young warriors. The first was the son of a one-legged god and a maid. The second hid his ugliness behind a gigantic beard.  The last one was a man of great value but his meeting with Heidrun changed him forever.
Banished by Odin, they took refuge in a dark and damp boiler room. In search of truth, they discovered the benefits of hops.
From the love they had for the latter appeared The Solution. On the long road to truth, they met the Gredine, the one who is considered capable of all misdeeds.

The goat?
That's another story...

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L'AP30 / The belgian brewery

Beer brewed for the Saint-Louis School Parents Association to finance the development of the playground.

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L'ORETOISE / The belgian brewery

This beer made with finesse by Coeur d'Oreye marks its local roots. To do this we chose to referment it with Oreye chicory. Which brings him this subtle touch of bitterness.

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THIER ALE LIEGE / The belgian brewery

This beer, from a local artisanal brewery, is brewed to be sold for the benefit of the charitable actions of the ASBL Cœur de Liège.

The skilful combination of several malts gives this beer a golden color. Its moderate alcohol content, its slightly hoppy taste, its spicy notes of coriander and its citrus accents will tickle your taste buds.

An ale is a top-fermented beer.

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LI VOYE / The belgian brewery

Organic beer brewed for the Route de Sainte-Walburge-Route of the units of the 8th Légia and the 25th Les Guides - in order to perpetuate their section and support them in their activities.

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La LIVIGNSTONE / The belgian brewery

The Rocourt scout staff presents its new summer beer: Livingstone

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BANTOU / The belgian brewery

The original combination of several malts gives this beer a traditionally Bantu flavor. Its moderate alcohol content, its slightly hoppy taste, its spicy notes of coriander and its citrus accents, will make you soar into the world of Bantu culture and culinary values.

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THE PILOT / Belle House's Beer Brewery

Floral, creamy and refreshing. With a "golden" yellow color obtained by the careful mixing of pilsner malt associated with three other special malts. This Neipa has a good bitterness with aromas of pine, cedar, spice and lemon, all balanced by a good degree of alcohol. Refermentation in the bottle. Serve chilled at fridge temperature.

Process and development designed by Belle House's Beer Brewery, 5070 vitrival

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La tonus 3G / The belgian brewery

Beer Tonus 3G: A local beer made from Goji berries from Marneffe, Ginseng and Ginger.

In collaboration with the Belgian Brewery.

Our raw materials are directly grown and picked in Marneffe, ready to be added to our recipe. Thank you Angelique. The name TONUS (which notably characterizes the dynamism of our committee) therefore had to be supplemented with the name 3G to refer to its three elements. It was through a great meeting with beer enthusiasts and a desire for a short circuit that we turned to the Belgian Brewery located at Place Coronmeuse in Liège. She takes care of the professional brewing, bottling and labeling for us. Beer (and its label) hides and reveals many symbols that we will be happy to share with you by tasting it during one of our events.

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PI’tite Chope / The belgian brewery

Geer's Pioneers present you their first PI’tite mug.
By making you discover the flavors of Liège, it will allow us to make a humanitarian trip this summer.

A light blonde pleasant to drink and subtle with its touch of citrus.

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GENERAL CROCUS / The belgian brewery

GENERAL CROCUS is a Saffron beer from Liège.
This Double Ale, brewed with passion by local artisans (Belgian Brewery), will delight your taste buds.
Refreshing and surprising, it will accompany you on many occasions.


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Success / The belgian brewery

This beer comes from the passion of the creators and the know-how of the master brewer. A beer of character, refermented in bottle, all in finesse, slightly hoppy with floral notes.

Triple, 8°, slightly amber.

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LARCO / The belgian brewery

Double beer, the skilful combination of a double quantity of malts gives this beer a golden color and a refreshing sensation. Its lightly hopped taste, spicy notes and citrus accents will tickle your taste buds. 7.2° 75cl chinook and cascade hops. Made for the company Larco

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The opinion of our customers

"We won the gold medal at the Brasséart fair with our beer. Congratulations and thank you!"
Fred D.
The 14/05/2022
"We came to pick up the beers this Friday evening, the beer is superb and meets our expectations. Great job!"
Steve W.
The 18/02/2022
"Concerning the recipe don't change anything, it's perfect ... The feedback from the first customers is extremely positive."
Nicolas S.
The 05/01/2022
"It is a friend who highly recommended your attentiveness, your professionalism and your facilities which have been optimized for the production of beers with large quantities of hops."
Nicolas W.
The 04/12/2021
"We had already seen several brewers and each time there was a point that was not suitable... You understood us immediately, you adapted your production, you found the ideal bottle, the logo and even a promotional film! "
Thomas D.
The 10/11/2021

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