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The Belgian Brewery designs and brews special, artisanal and quality beers for its own account (Belgicus®) but also for many other brands, for specific events or requests.

We favor the short circuit for the ingredients used into our production. We have developed a wide range of beers including gluten free or organic beers.

To achieve that goal, we have installed state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to brew in the best possible conditions and guarantee uniform quality.

Our brewing capability reaches the equivalent of about 20,000 (33 cl) bottles per week. Most of our beers are refermented in bottle. It is also possible for us to work in isobarometric to meet the widest demands.

Why local ?

We favor the short circuit for the ingredients that go into our production. We have also developed a wide range of beers, including organic beers.

In Belgium, the country of beer, we have everything to make the best beers in the world: 5 major malting houses, including 2 very close to us for a malt renowned throughout the world. We used local products: “made in Liège” hops are produced a few miles away, Syrup “de Liège”, strawberries from Vottem or Wépion, villages in the neighbourhood. We also have staff trained in the best schools, … Why should we look elsewhere?

In addition, the circuit is very short for our spent grains (brewery waste) : they are taken the same day by Patrick, a local breeder, to feed his cows. Patrick sometimes brings us good milk, yoghurt,… Nothing goes to waste!


Qualitative and artisanal...

Even though we remain a small craft brewery, we have invested in high tec equipment to ensure consistent optimal quality.

We then offer specific recipes from 12 Hl and we have a brewing capacity around 20,000 bottles of 33cl per week.


...and flexible

We have the opportunity to make almost any recipe. We regularly produce about 25 different beers (6 Belgicus and twenty custom beers).  Blonde, brown, amber, fruity, organic or gluten-free, ... will be bottled in a wide variety of bottle sizes or barrels according to individual needs.

Most of our beers are bottle re-fermented but we also work in isobarometric (CO2 injection) and thus meet the widest demands.





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